Alice Romagnoli

The main focus of my research is a highly conserved translation factor in Bacteria (EF-P), Eukaryotes (eIF5A) and Archaea (aIF5A). This protein has a particular post-translational modification, called hypusination. During the PhD, my goal was to characterize the aIF5A protein and the modification pathway from a structural and functional point of view, in the thermophilic archaebacteria Sulfolobus solfataricus. Sso aIF5A appears to be a multifunctional protein, involved both in translation, but also in RNA metabolism. To complete my experiments I have been to Diamond synchrotron (in Oxford) for structural analysis of the protein by SAXS and I was a visiting PhD student at the Max Perutz Laboratories (Vienna), where I investigated the interaction between aIF5A and RNA molecules.