Alice Romagnoli, Ph.D

Alice obtained her PhD at the Polytechnic University of Marche. Her research focused on the structural and functional characterization of a universally conserved translation factor, called aIF5A, in the thermophilic archaebacteria Sulfolobus solfataricus. During her doctorate she was a visiting student in the lab of Prof. Udo Blasi at the Max Perutz Laboratories (Vienna). Currently, she works at NY-MaSBiC (New York-Marche Structural Biology Center) of Polytechnic University of Marche as a post-doc, where she is interested on the functional characterization of peptidomimetics, a novel eIF4E-binding molecules. She tests the effects of these peptidomimetics in different cancer cells lines and in neurons, to potential characterize multi-pathology translational inhibitors. At present, she is a visiting researcher in the neuroscience lab of Prof. Monica Di Luca at University of Milan. As a winner of FRAXA (Fragile X Syndrome Research Foundation) fellow 2021, she will investigate the effects of peptidomimetics in mouse models for Fragile X syndrome.

Selected Publications